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Our reputation as a dependable contractor is made possible by our breadth of experience and continuous efforts to employ highly qualified and professional pipeliners. Our longevity is directly tied to our people, trained to do a good job from day one. Arnett & Burgess evolves in-step with the most stringent industry operating requirements, while remaining nimble, diverse, and client-focused. We consistently enhance our offering with a focus on client retention programs, crew customization, technology adoption, and the development of innovative solutions.




Conversion of Dozers to Pipelayers Read More


Added Roll Over Protection to Pipelayers Read More


Custom Sideboom Modifications adapted to our Northern climate Read More


Development of a Heavy Equipment sterilization process Watch Video


Conversion of Dozers to Pipelayers Read More

Arnett & Burgess takes great pride in our top performing lineup of equipment and continually exploring efficiencies is always at the forefront of our Equipment department. An example of such an efficiency is adding functionalities to well-maintained existing pieces of equipment. A&B’s Fabrication team has done so via the converstion of five dozers to complete pipelayers ( 2 x CAT 572Gs and 3 x CAT 583Ks). A time-consuming process, roughly 200-300 man hours are required to complete this undertaking. In order to rebuild the engine/transmission and brakes and to remove the frame of the truck, a full disassembly of the tractor is required, including the removal of attachments. Upon the hard components of the equipment being welded on the frame, the rebuilding can begin. Each conversion has proven to be a great success with the equipment in high demand due to the resulting efficiencies.


Added Roll Over Protection to Pipelayers Read More

A&B made the decision to fully implement ROPS (roll over protection) on our fleet of pipelayers, a procedure that is recommended, but not mandatory within the industry, for the safety of our workers in the event of a roll over incident. In order to complete this type of installation, our fabrication team followed a meticulous process. The process starts with the complete disassembly of the rear of the booms, stripped down to the track frames, followed by welding the full ROPS structures onto the rear of the frames. After passing inspection and receiving certification that all welds have been successfully completed, the rear end of the machines are then rebuilt. This rebuild includes custom manufacturing as all the machines are different. The final step in the process is repainting the tractors. In total, 50-man hours are required per machine. At present time, we have completed the retrofitting of 24 ROPS structures on our pipelayers, including 15 x CAT 561s, 4 x CAT 571s, 3 x CAT 572s and 2 CAT 583s. We have also completed the retrofit of installing full ROPS on our fleet of sidebooms.


Custom Sideboom Modifications adapted to our Northern climate Read More

Arnett & Burgess’ Fabrication team custom designed and engineered four 40-foot boom sticks to fit the PL87 Pipelayer side boom, with each machine having a maximum lifting capacity of just of 120,000 lbs. These machines can accommodate 14,000lbs while at their maximum 40-foot reach.


Development of a Heavy Equipment sterilization process Watch Video


We believe that good people are the foundation of good pipelining. Since 1957, our people have worked diligently to ensure the success of each project we’ve broken ground on. Arnett & Burgess merges industry longevity and experience with innovative, evolving execution strategies to deliver quality solutions. We employ the best people. A&B’s team is comprised of the most professional pipeliners in the industry representing a wide variety of disciplines. Our expertise is our strength. We have longstanding relationships with Stakeholders in our areas of operation, and we govern our teams with unparalleled safety, integrity, quality, and project management systems. Arnett & Burgess provides services to repeat clients year over year, in some cases for over half a century. Our collaborative approach increases safety, efficiency, and delivery of pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance solutions.


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Quality Assurance

Arnett & Burgess Energy Services’ Quality Management Systems (QMS) have been designed to consistently deliver quality services and products while focusing on continuous improvement of A&B’s effectiveness and efficiencies. A&B has an ISO 9001: 2015 compliant manual that follows the guidelines to meet or exceed client expectations. A&B’s QMS programs and procedures have been developed to comply with all regulatory requirements to safely provide quality pipeline and facility construction, pipeline integrity, coating, and fabrication, including structural steel and pressure piping.

Our Commitment to Quality

Arnett & Burgess is committed to effective Quality Management throughout all construction processes and believes that high quality and workmanship is the key to sustainable business development. Arnett & Burgess management deems the quality policy shall be documented, maintained and communicated throughout the organization. “Right the First Time”.


A&B has registered Quality Management Systems and Certifications in the following provincial jurisdictions and is accredited through the following organizations:

  • ABSA Certificate of Authorization Permit AQP-2173
  • TSASK Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certificate of Registration and Contractors License 0411-0001
  • TSBC Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor License LBP0002227
  • ITS Certificate of Authorization MB-22-001
  • CWB Division 2 & 3 Letters of Validation



Arnett & Burgess has developed a robust Safety Management System to ensure safe execution of all work. We are proud to have created our own in-house onboarding and training programs, as well as a standardized subcontractor pre-qualification and monitoring processes that ensures the right people are in place to support our projects and that they share our Core Value of Worker Safety. Our F.A.M.I.L.Y initiative, representing Focus, Assessment, Mentorship, Involvement, Leadership, and You, is a commitment from our Executive Team and Employees to look out for one another and to keep safety as our top priority in both the field and at home.  Arnett & Burgess is a COR Certified Contractor in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba with an industry leading Ground Disturbance and Damage Prevention Program.  We are registered with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, and Avetta.


Since 1957, this foundational pillar ensures that we behave in a manner that cultivates trust and honesty resulting in reliability and dependability.


Our in-house maintenance division utilizes and designs innovative technologies and processes, minimizing downtime in the field, ensuring adaptability to a wide variety of execution plans. Our asset management programs make certain we operate to the highest safety standards. As part of the Quanta Services family of companies, Arnett & Burgess has access to one of the largest equipment fleets in North America. Our long-term relationships with equipment partners enable us to deploy equipment for various projects at a moment’s notice. A&B’s Blackfalds and Sedgewick facilities are all carrier limited Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program and allow for the maintenance of roughly 250 National Safety Code Trucks and Trailers requiring annual in-house certification. We have a highly competent in-house transportation division, supported by centralized dispatch that has capacity to move all our heavy equipment fleet. This helps ensure safe deployment of field assets for execution success.










As part of Quanta Services’ family of companies, A&B commands the financial strength, support, and accountability expected of North America’s largest specialty contractor. Uniquely, A&B is able to leverage the capacity of business units within the largest pipeline and power line contracting entity in North America. Quanta Services is a leading specialized contracting services company, delivering infrastructure solutions for the electric power, oil and gas, and communications industries. Quanta’s comprehensive services include installing, repairing, and maintaining energy and communications infrastructure. With operations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and select other international markets, Quanta has the manpower, resources, and expertise to safely complete projects that are local, regional, national or international in scope. For more information, visit www.quantaservices.com.

AED Program

Since 2014 all Arnett & Burgess Energy Services’ worksites are equipped with Automated External Defibrillator (AED’s) to support our Emergency Response Planning. This addition to our Safety Management System has given us the confidence that we are able to look after our most valuable asset, our workers, and send them home to their families should a cardiac emergency event occur on our worksite.

Currently, Arnett & Burgess Energy Services has over 65 AED units in the field:

  • AEDs are provided to all Supervisors in the field and are also placed in the office trailers of larger-sized projects
  • Arnett & Burgess Energy Services workers receive LifePack AED training as part of their comprehensive On-Board Training
  • LifePack AED training materials are included with every unit distributed to the field and are available for reference via internal websites

Arnett & Burgess AED Deployment North Dakota

On November 18, 2018 an Arnett & Burgess Energy Services (A&B) Supervisor received a call from a client inspector informing him that one of our competitors at a nearby facility had a crew member experiencing a cardiac event. The Supervisor immediately asked for another A&B employee, who was in closer proximity to the site, to respond to that site with his AED. When he arrived, CPR was being administered and the patient was not breathing. The A&B employee proceeded to deploy his AED and the patient’s heart regulated after first deployment. The patient was still not breathing so the breathing mask included as part of the AED kit was used. The patient began breathing and regained consciousness. The patient was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital and has since recovered from this incident.


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