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Arnett & Burgess delivers integrated fabrication-to-field solutions utilizing a variety of innovative welding methods and technology. This streamlines turnaround, improves quality and decreases final cost.

A&B’s module fabrication, assembly and field-construction services are located in Western Canada. We can construct and assemble skid package units for oil and gas and other industrial companies and provide storage and transportation according to client requirements.

Fabrication Services

  • Fabrication & Field Installation
  • Modularize Assemblies (Skid Package)
  • Constructability Review of Client Designs for Fabrication of Process Equipment & Piping Skids
  • Structural Cutting/Welding
  • Piping Fabrication up to 48” Pipe of Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Metering, Measurement Skids
  • Launchers & Receivers (Pig Barrels)
  • Riser & Header Fabrication, Pre-fab Assembly, Installation & Modifications
  • General Structural Steel Fabrication
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