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CP & AC Interference Mitigation

AC (Alternating Current) EPC Program

Large Utility/Various Pipeline Owners  |  Central to Northern Alberta  |  2016 - 2019

SCOPE OF WORK: Develop new, collaborative EPC project model to mitigate the interference effects arising from the energization of the Fort McMurray West 500kV Transmission Project. A&B completed AC interference; field work and data collection, design and installation/construction (including ROW clearing), and access and road construction.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: The project began with business development and early planning commencing in 2016. Construction started in late 2017 and was completed in March 2019. The successful completion of this project involved: support and approval from 43 pipeline owner companies to review all assets within proximity to project transmission line to determine AC interference mitigation requirements, negotiation of multi-party agreements to enable completion of construction work, and project managed, engaged and led engineering, survey, land and internal construction teams, as well as client and pipeline owner company shared services and resources to ensure consistent standard of AC interference mitigation installations along 500km route. Energization occurred 3 months ahead of schedule and there were no LTIs or recordable incidents for this project.