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Pipeline Construction

Critical Infrastructure Pipeline Replacement via River Crossing

Large Utility  |  Sturgeon River, St. Albert  |  Spring 2018

SCOPE OF WORK: Installed a 10” replacement pipeline that crossed the Sturgeon River via an HDD associated tie-in and abandonment of an old crossing. A&B’s execution plan was provided to the client and City for approval prior to mobilization and included; mobilization and demobilization, access and traffic control, tree clearing and protective measures, topsoil stripping, soils management and sediment control, pipe installation and hydrotest execution, waste management and landfill cap integrity execution, methane gas monitoring execution, abandonment and final cleanup execution and emergency plan.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: The site on the east side of the river crossing was a challenge due to the location being a reclaimed landfill that had been identified as having trapped pockets of methane gas. Precautionary measures were strictly adhered to in order to prevent methane gas from being released while working in and around this site. The site on the west side of the crossing was in a municipal historical resource, The Grey Nuns White Spruce Forest, a protected area. Our crew made every effort to maintain minimal disruption to this environmentally sensitive area.