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Dozer to Pipelayer Conversion

Arnett & Burgess Energy Services  |  Sedgewick, AB  | 

SCOPE OF WORK: A&B takes great pride in our top performing line-up of equipment and continually exploring efficiencies is always at our Equipment department’s forefront. An example of such an efficiency is adding functionalities to well-maintained existing pieces of equipment. A&B’s Fabrication team has done so via the conversion of five dozers to complete pipelayers (2 x CAT 572Gs and 3 x CAT 583Ks).

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: A time-consuming process, roughly 200-300-man hours are required to complete this type of undertaking. Removal of all attachments, full disassembly of the tractor, in order to rebuild engines/transmissions and brakes as well as to have the track frames removed, is required and then the welding can begin. Once the hard components of the equipment have been welded on the frame, the rebuilding of the equipment can begin. Each conversion has proven to be a great success as since completed, they have been deployed to jobsites and are in high demand due the resulting efficiencies.

TIME TO COMPLETE: 200-300 man hours