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Pipeline Integrity

Emergency Dig

Large Pipeline Owner  |  Northern Alberta (Slave Lake, AB)  |  2013

SCOPE OF WORK: Emergency repair of an extremely influential 30" pipeline that ruptured. Immediately upon being notified from our client about the rupture, a 50+ person crew was assembled for mobilization, equipment was in transit within 60 minutes and 15 crew members arrived at the job site the following morning.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Logistically, this was an extremely challenging job with the nearest access point 28 kilometres away. The terrain was comprised mainly of muskeg; the frost had long since disappeared given the time of year. Most of our crew were required to be flown in via helicopter, with the remaining crew members accessing the site via all-terrain vehicle (ATV). A&B’s Construction Manager overseeing this project worked very closely with the client, maintaining constant communication in order to ensure both parties understood all aspects of the progress of the repair. After 10 days of complete focus, this repair had turned from “emergency” status to “project” status.