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Equipment and Transportation Readiness

Large Pipeline Owner  |  Alberta  |  Summer 2015

SCOPE OF WORK: Mobilizing required equipment for client’s 4 separate integrity dig programs, totaling 136 digs and located in different areas of Alberta, and ensuring minimal downtime as equipment was transported from site to site.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: As these digs were being carried out all over the province, with equipment and crews mobilizing and demobilizing as they moved from project site to project site, transportation was an integral component in keeping the momentum of the project on par with the schedule.

Our Transportation department worked very closely with management in our Equipment department as well as the Superintendents overseeing the projects. In maintaining continual communication, our teams were made aware when the equipment was finished being used and could be moved from the job site, transport the equipment back to our wash bay and then haul it to the next dig on the line. With this diligence, they were able to always have a backhoe, an integral piece of equipment for this type of job, in our wash bay being readied for transport and thereby averted any potential delays to the project schedule.