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Pipeline Construction

Gathering System

Super Major  |  Fox Creek, AB  |  2018/2019

SCOPE OF WORK: Installation of 2 independent pipeline systems. The first consisted of 7 pipeline segments totaling 12.9km, with ROW widths from 18m-40m, and 7 facility installations. The second consisted of 5 pipeline segments totaling 18.3km, with ROW widths from 18m-40m, and 5 facility installations. The numerous crossings were completed by HDD, HDB and open cut methods.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Both projects had common obstacles at each pipeline segment, including a wide ditch with multiple product lines of various materials, including 16” HDPE, 12” steel, 8” steel, 6” steel, 4” steel and 5” steel reinforced composite. Additionally, both projects were also located in heavily forested areas with rugged rocky and swampy terrain extending through key wildlife biodiversity zones and archaeological sensitive areas.


SUPPORTING DIVISIONS: Facility Construction