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Facility Construction

Meter Station with Hot Tap

Large Pipeline Owner  |  Northwest Alberta (Brazeau Area – Drayton Valley)  |  Late 2015 - Early 2016

SCOPE OF WORK: Fabrication of site spools and meter skid, set meter skid, assistance with hot tap, completion of 6” and 12” tie-ins, hydro test, backfill trenches and compact.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Tie-ins were a challenging part of this project with having both exposed large diameter piping to assist the client with the hot tap and an open cut road crossing that was within tight quarters of the hot tap. Congestion at the site layout during the road crossing portion of this project was alleviated through A&B building a temporary bypass and incorporating traffic control. As this project occurring during the winter months, hoarding and heating was required during the coating process.