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Sideboom with Custom Modifications

Arnett & Burgess Energy Services  |  Sedgewick, AB  |  N/A

SCOPE OF WORK: Customizing 4 Superior Pipelayers, 2 x 460s and 2 x 660s, for performance in the North American environment

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: In order to maximize the efficiencies of these machines in our North American environment, A&B’s fabrication team completed the following customizations:

- Built 24’ sticks for the 460’s and 28’ sticks for the 660’s for reach requirements
- Removed the engines and installed reversing fans in order to bring warm engine heat to the operator compartment due to the open cabs
- Designed custom heater ducts through the firewalls in order to reach the operator’s feet and body while in the cab and installed winter side panels to retain the engine heat inside of the engine compartment
- Installed plexi-glass on the rear screen to block wind from the operators, modified the steps for easier pin removal and to meet Canadian standards for width so we could haul them without removing the stairs
- Designed side doors for the operator, removed fuel tanks and modified fuel tanks for better operator visibility when in reverse
Modified side platforms to allow clearance for when corks are welded onto the tracks
- Drained and installed Artic Purple hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system to allow for cold weather operation
- Custom built drawbar pins at the rear of the machine to allow for the transport of skid sloops