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Pipeline Construction

Urban Pipeline

Large Utility  |  SW Calgary  |  2018

SCOPE OF WORK: Installation of 14km of 508mm (NPS20). The entirety of the 508mm pipeline alignment was within the Transportation and Utility Corridor. This portion of the project also included five major crossings; a 1.73km intersect HDD of the Elbow River, a 1.42km intersect HDD of Fish Creek Provincial Park, a 0.75km HDD crossing of Anderson Road, a 0.49km HDD crossing of 162nd Avenue, and a 0.47km HDD crossing of Spruce Meadows Trail. Installation of 1.89km of 323.9mm (NPS 12) lateral that tied into the Glenmore Connector tie in station. This portion of the project also included two major crossings; a 0.78km HDD crossing of the 90th Avenue Overland, and a 0.78km HDD crossing of the future Southwest Calgary Ring Road. Community engagement included A&B utilizing multiple Indigenous-owned businesses as well as employment of 10 Featherstone mentees, three of whom were from the Tsuu T’ina Nation and participated in and graduated from A&B’s Featherstone Mentorship Program. This resulted in over $710,000.00 in local community spend.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Extraordinary seasonal weather conditions for Calgary area during construction. Urban organizational requirements, coordination with other contractors tasked with completion of Southwest Calgary Ring Road provided coordination complexity.