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Pipeline Integrity

Watercourse Mitigations

Intermediate Midstream  |  Southern Manitoba (Multiple Locations)  |  2020/2021

SCOPE OF WORK: Complete all civil construction activities associated with 4 water crossings on an NPS 6” pipeline that have insufficient depth of cover resulting in the pipeline being visible within the body of water and exposed to potential damage. Work includes isolation of the area of water body containing exposed pipeline and clean-up of loose debris, perform NDE on the pipe section, including blasting and re-coating, correct the bedding placement, install an ArmorFlex mattress to protect the pipeline, and restore the area of the water body, including additional erosion control with riprap placement on the banks to ensure no future erosion should the pipeline again become exposed.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Changes of season result in continual shift in direction of the flow of the water body. The crew had to quickly adapt to consistent changes of weather.